Spinning Rings & Travellers for excellent yarn parameters

Find out how the Spinning Rings and Travellers by The X-Axis help spinners control imperfections during yarn manufacturing.

The X-Axis manufacturing process is oriented to help yarn spinners gain better output, consistency and longevity. The Yarn spinning process is a complex process influenced by multiple variables. Performance of spinning rings and travellers plays a significant role in achieving better control over the spun yarn quality. The X-Axis Spinning Rings & Ring Travellers are manufactured with high precision engineering and top-of-the-line materials.

The X-Axis manufacturing is a highly mature and streamlined process developed over years of research and experience. The entire process includes these steps:

  • Raw material selection
  • Machining
  • Metallurgical Enhancements
  • Finishing
  • Specially developed coating

The X-Axis lays particular emphasis on Raw material selection. The company has surpassed the existing standards of product quality by focusing on new raw material selection parameters. With this approach, the company can source raw material which has minimum impurity and imperfections.

The raw material then goes through machining, which gives the products its shape, size, form, dimension and finish. The State-of-Art production facility ensures the production of components with minimum variance. Components are heated to the desired heating rate, followed by soaking for a particular period, then quenching in a suitable medium like oil/water to get desired hardness. Particular alloying elements and heat treatment procedure provides the spinning rings and travellers best-in-class hardness coupled with toughness and Wear Resistance. The X-Axis’ propriety blend of finishing methods prepares spinning rings and travellers  with a superior surface, which reduces friction to the maximum extent. With perfectly tuned process parameters in a state-of-the-art coating line at our manufacturing facility, the component is embedded with low friction co-efficiency. This quality ensures a reduction in heat generation during the working, thus augmenting the spinning ring’s longevity.

The X-Axis spinning rings and ring travellers provide optimum:


The Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers by The X-Axis extract its indigenous strength and immense global market experience. The X-Axis manufactures a wide range of products to meet every kind of Ring spinning requirement. With The X-Axis, yarn spinners are achieving EXCELLENCE ACROSS EVERY YARN PARAMETER. Many top spinners acknowledge The X-Axis’ ability to provide HIGH-QUALITY YARN with the least end breakages.

For EXTRAORDINARY output quality, switch to The X-Axis Ring frame rings.

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