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These are most efficient travellers that provide

Increased life

Optimum consumption

Improved Production gain

100% Improvisation :

Ring Life – 21%

Speed – 10%

Yarn Quality – 19%

Production – 10%

Traveler Life – 40%

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Option of Bright Finish and Black Finish

The X -axis, XL-RS travellers has been specially developed for high performances. The enrichment components are present throughout the entire traveller section and do generate their effect even when the surface is affected. XL-RS can used for the ring running-in, normal operation and covers the entire finer and yarn count range.

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The X-Axis, XL-CS travellers has a special coating and is applied with a special process. It lowers friction values in the yarn passage and prevents fibre damages. XL-CS offers optimum resistance to corrosion

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The X-Axis Xendow Travellers offers lowest friction value reducing Yarn breakages. Special coating gives longer life than regular travellers in conventional spinning and compact spinning.

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Available in RS and CS finish

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The X-axis Xgen Travellers have fine and uniform micro structure, practically no friction surface treatment. Improved wear resistance, offers excellent longest life and Best Quality. It is a perfect blend of top-of-the-line metallurgy and latest technology.
Available in RS and CS finish.

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One of the most advanced range of Travelers manufactured with latest technology; it offers largest number of Travelers suited for any type and on any make of machine in the world. It spins, Super fine or coarse, with best end results. It performs to utmost Output, Consistency and Longevity. Performing efficiently at spinning units all across.

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J Traveller of Steel


Traveller Designations

The Designation of X-axis J Travellers are based on international standards
J 9.1 r Standard No. 28 / ISO No. 40 XLCS
J 11.1 r Standard No. 24 / ISO No. 90 XLRS

Traveller Shape J J
Ring Height 9.1 11.1
Wire Profile Standard Standard
Material Steel Steel
Traveller No. 28 24
ISO No. 40 90
Traveller Finish XLCS XLRS
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