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The Triple O advantage

Optimized Contact Area

Reduces Friction and influences the life and consistency Of the Spinning Rings

Optimized Energy Utilization

Consistency of performance throughout the lifespan optimises the Energy consumption of the Spinner.

Optimized Yield

Saving on both the key inputs viz. Ring Travellers and Man Power

Maximize Profits with Triple ‘O’

Increase Profit through optimising the Ring Traveller Life cycle. Along with Long life of the Ring & Traveller, Consistency of Performance adds value to the spinners returns.

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Option of Bright Finish and Black Finish

The X-axis most economical regular finish rings. Preferred for coarser yarn spinning.

Used for economical and rugged fabrics for relative applications.

Option of Bright finish and Black finish available

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Specially Coated Rings
Widely accepted by spinners across The Globe

Size of the Rings available in all finishes:

Adapter Fitting – inside Ring Did x Fitting Did in mm
36 x 47 40 x 47 42 x 54
38 x 47 40 x 51 45 x 54
38 x 51 42 x 51
Spring Fitting – inside Ring Did x Fitting Did in mm
36 x 45 42 x 49 42 x 50.8
38 x 45 45 x 52 45 x 50.8
40 x 70 40 x 50.8 45 x 54

Custom sizes also available.

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Specially super coated rings
Universal Spinning Rings

Xtensa is preferred for any single flanged ring for comfortable running of traveller for the highest possible speed. It is engineered to operate at speeds upto 25,000 RPM. It has given satisfactory results to all spinners who have tried and operated it at the highest speed practised in recent times i.e. of 23,500 RPM.

In the trials conducted at various mill-floors at different places, Xtensa has performed withstanding all the forces.

For Finer Counts Ne 45s and above with preferred ring dia 36 and 38 mm, at 22,000 RPM (+) under normal spinning conditions.

For Coarser counts i.e. Below Ne 25s with preferred ring dia 40 mm, achieved spindle speed seldom higher as 18,500 RPM.


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Specially Super Coated Rings
Universal Spinning Rings

One of the most advanced range of spinning Rings. Spin Super fine or coarse, it gives the best end results. It performs to utmost Output, Consistency and Longevity. It seconds, to none and performs better than most in the open market. It is manufactured with the latest technology and has the most advanced finish and outer surface to withstand toughest wear and tear. A perfect blend of new-age technology and optimum metallurgy.

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The most advanced and wide range of Rings to suit all spinning needs.

The X-axis specialises in manufacturing wide range of Special Size Rings.
Custom made as per requirement to suit the Spinners’ need.

The most advanced and wide range of Rings to suit all spinning needs.

Vertical Ring
Multigroove Ring
Ring Dia upto 150 mm

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Threaded Rings for Wool, Acrylic, Worsted and Semi-worsted
Universal Spinning Rings

The Conical Rings are mainly used for Acrylic, Wool, Worsted and Semi-worsted materials. Standard Conical Rings are available in different Ring heights like, 9.1 mm, 11.1 mm and 17.4 mm with various lubricating systems. The Ring can have several pairs of lubrication points like 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 depending on the ring size and count spun. The Conical Ring gives excellent Ring and Traveller contact area and allows the Traveller to move freely up and down

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