Contribution of Spinning Ring & Ring Traveller in Ring Frame Machine

Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers are important components of Ring Spinning and have a direct bearing on yarn production. We look at ways to get better yarn output from your Ring Frame machine.

What is Ring Frame?

Ring frame is a machine that converts roving into yarn. A Ring frame machine comprises of following components: creel, drafting zone, spindle, spinning ring and ring traveller. Ring Spinning is a widely used technique for yarn formation.  Each spindle is a production centre and Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers contribute heavily towards the final yield and output quality.

The main objectives of the Ring frame process are as follows:

  • To draft the roving up to the required level according to the yarn count to be spun.
  • To insert the required amount of twist to the fibres strand to hold the fibres together in the yarn and to prevent the fibres slippage in the yarn too.
  • To wind the yarn onto the ring bobbin simultaneously during spinning.
  • To spin the desired count of yarn finally.

Contribution of Spinning Ring and Ring Traveller in Yarn Spinning

The design, metallurgy, surface finish and breaking-in of the spinning rings decide the speed at which a ring frame can be run without excessive end breaks. In Ring spinning the drafted fibre strand passes through different physical phenomenon during formation of yarn. At this stage of manufacturing Spinning Ring and Ring Traveller contributes highest percentage of their physical and chemical properties to produce a good quality yarn.

The operation of twisting and winding carried out by Ring Traveller must be performed without any unwanted tension on the yarn throughout the process of Cop Building. Torsional force on the fibre strand is a function of the delivery of Ring Frame to the spindle speed. Any variation of this ration is compensated by the Traveller without influence on its Twisting, Winding and Tension.

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