Specialised Spinning Rings for Optimised Yarn Quality

The Specialised Spinning Rings by The X-Axis are enabling Textile Spinners to produce profit making high value yarn from special fibres. Spinning of Special fibres comes with its unique challenges. Some of the commonly used high value fibres in market are Lycra, Modal Fibres, Bamboo Fibres, Tencel Fibres, Silk, Jute and Linen. The X-Axis has successfully manufactured a Specialised Spinning Rings range that is helping spinners world wide to process high value fibres.

Challenges faced in spinning yarn from high value special fibres

  • Damage of Spinning Rings due to frequent count changes
  • Yarn tension is high which normal quality Spinning Rings cannot withstand
  • Limitation of Traveller speed
  • Fly accumulation between Spinning ring metal plate and Spinning ring rail
  • Spinning machine’s incapability to handle spinning rings with bigger diameter

Markets today have become very dynamic. Major Textile importing countries are showing higher interest in textile products like Denim, T Shirts, Leggins, Medical linen, Jacquard fabrics etc. Spinners need flexibility to alter their output based upon market needs. Many spinners want to spin coarse count or value-added yarn, to derive optimum balancing of winding drums. In order to overcome above challenges and to achieve the desired flexibility as well as quality in spinning high value fibres, The X-Axis has been supplying range of value-added spinning rings across the world.

Finishes and Types of Specialised Spinning Rings by The X-Axis

  • Ring Diameter 40,42 and 45 mm
    The X-Axis is one of the best suppliers of 40,42 and 45 mm dia rings. Many spinners across the globe are delighted with the quality of The X-Axis.
  • Big Dia and Multi Groove Ring
    Multiple sizes of rings with different diameter and height are available.
  • Conversion of Spinning Ring from Conical to Flange
    In normal course a spinner desiring to shift from woolen to acrylic process is advised to change machine and other cost intensive parts. The X-Axis has innovated and now offers a special type of Flange Ring and Travellers which would match with the spinners existing set up and meet the flexible expectations in lubrication, speed and production cost.
  • Enlarged type rings
    With this Spinning rings by The X-Axis spinner can make use of the existing condition and yet spin the yarn they desire. This has resulted in huge savings for customers of The X-Axis spinning rings.
  • Increased Height Rings
    This type of Spinning Rings prevents yarn breaks caused due to reduced air turbulence towards Spinning Ring and Ring rail. This results in a market reduction in breakages and also increases the spindle speed.
  • Metal Plate Adaptor and Cir-clip development
    This type of Spinning ring eliminates the need for a complete assembly, which is too heavy.
  • Reduced type rings
    This spinning ring is used to produce fine and super fine count, here the quality of yarn and speed requirement are of importance in garnering profit.
  • Reversible Rings
    Spinners using slow speed equipment hugely benefit from Reversible rings  and earn savings upto 50% on costs.
  • Special 1.5 Flange Ring
    The Special 1.5 Flange Rings manufactured by The X-Axis spinners gain optimum clearance and contact area. With this, spinning ring life as well as speed and traveller performance is increased.

Thus, The X-Axis delivers not just Spinning rings; It helps the spinner to process high value fibres and earn an early payback on their investments.

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