Specialised Spinning Rings & Travellers by The X-Axis

A quality spinner is on a constant lookout for ways and means to enhance Yarn quality. The X-Axis Spinning rings and Travellers utilise the best quality material and processes to provide the most efficient results. With X-Optimax, we take a quantum leap in delivering optimum results in every parameter of yarn spinning. The X-Optimax Spinning Rings and Travellers have the ‘Triple O’ advantage. These products come with three specific benefits – Optimised Contact Area, Optimised Energy Utilisation and Optimised Yield – together, the ‘Triple O’ maximises Profits by optimising Ring Traveller life cycle and consistency of performance.

The Triple ‘O’ Advantage

Optimised Contact Area:
Reduces friction and influences the life and consistency of the spinning ring.

Optimised Energy Utilisation
Consistency of performance throughout the lifespan optimises the energy consumption of the spinner.

Optimised Yield
Savings on both the key inputs viz. Ring Travellers and Man Power.
Maximise profits with Triple ‘O’

Increase profit through optimising the Ring Traveller Life Cycle. Along with Spinning Ring & Traveller’s long life, consistency of performance adds value to the spinners returns.

The X-Optimax Specialised Spinning Rings & Travellers improve productivity as well as Yarn quality across all yarn parameters: Uniformity, Strength, Hairiness and Reduction in imperfection. The X-Optimax rings and travellers are an ideal combination; they establish an optimum symbiosis.

Key benefits of X-Optimax ring compared to T-Flange ring:

  • Runs at higher speed without affecting Yarn surface and quality.
  • Runs utp 30 m/s on count range 12 to 40s (even n high-value Lycra Yarns)
  • Reduces yarn damage, fibre loading and melting, which is common in processes of polyester and VSF, PV, PC and Lycra.
  • It gives higher stability in traveller running and a longer life span of traveller without affecting yarn quality.

X-Optimax Rings and Travellers are suitable for all types of yarns and material, viz. Cotton (combed and not compact), PC Blends, 100% polyester, Lycra blends (for cotton-lycra, Poly-lycra) and all MMF. It works well with ring frame machines by leading makers like Rieter, LMW, KTTM and Zinser. The X-Optimax Spinning Rings & Travellers can be customised as per the spinners’ requirement.

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