Achieve the best Yarn parameters with The X-Axis Ring Travellers

A spinner’s search for optimum Yarn parameters ends with The X-Axis Spinning Ring Travellers; in this article, find out how The X-Axis Travellers contributes towards improved Yarn quality.

Spinner is at the heart of everything that happens at The X-Axis. Ring spinning is the core process of a textile plant, and hence a spinner must be highly discretionary while selecting the components that have a bearing on the yarn quality and output. In today’s market, where quality drives the profitability and market standing, Spinners must lookout for the best components; this is precisely where The X-Axis Spinning Rings & Ring Travellers come in.

Significance and influence of Travellers in perfect Cop building

The three essential processes in Ring Spinning method is of Drawing, Twisting and Winding – proficiency in these leads to better yarn parameters like strength and Yarn count. Travellers play a vital role in two out of three of these processes. Travellers provide a twist to the yarn and then helps in winding the yarn. The quality of Travellers has a significant bearing on the productivity of the ring-spinning machines.

The X-Axis Ring Travellers help the spinner overcome the challenges faced during this process and get the most of their installed machinery. Key issues that concern most spinners are :

  • Imperfections in Yarn
  • Yarn Hairiness
  • Imperfect Yarn Count
  • Inconsistent Twist variation
  • End Breakages

The primary reasons for the above problems are :

  • Frictional resistance of Traveller over the ring flange
  • Burning of Traveller due to high speed of machines

Precision Engineering & best material selection by The X-Axis

The X-Axis focuses on the three key aspects to manufacture the highest quality of Traveller.

Design: Travellers designed by The X-Axis minimise the friction between the ring and the Traveller.

Metallurgy: Engineers at The X-Axis put in incredible efforts in defining the metallurgical properties of Travellers. This effort ensures that Travellers by The X-Axis generate less heat as well as dissipate heat quickly. Furthermore, attention to detail leads to an optimum Traveller mass, and hence spinners who use The X-Axis range of travellers are bothered neither with the softness of cop nor higher yarn tension.

Surface finish: The travellers manufactured by The X-Axis deploy the best combinations of material on the surface. As a result, spinners gain minimised friction and attain higher traveller speed. This surface finish also enhances the travellers’ ability to reduce the effects of atmospheric corrosion, and on the whole, it increases wear resistance of the Traveller.

The key attributes of Travellers by The X-Axis :

The X-Axis range of Travellers provides optimum results on every quality parameter. Spinners across the world have been using The X-Axis Travellers – the massive scale of replacement orders served by the company is a testament of the company’s consistent product quality. Here are the critical parameters in which The X-Axis travellers emerge a front runner :

  • Excellent Wear resistance
  • Good tensile strength
  • Good surface hardness
  • Adequate fatigue strength
  • Sufficient elasticity
  • Reduced friction

If you are a spinner looking to impart strength and consistency to the yarn than write to . We shall be happy to guide you in choosing the correct Spinning Rings and Ring Traveller as per your requirements.