The X-axis : The Best brand for Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers from India

With over 60 years of experience in spinning ring manufacturing, The X-Axis is acknowledgded as the leading global supplier of spinning rings and ring travellers from India. The Rings & Travellers by The X-Axis are an extraction of companies indigenous strength, which comes from company’s immense global market experience. Every process and component needed to deliver assured quality is achieved in-house by the company.

Spinning Rings

The X-Axis supplies complete range of Spinning Rings to match up the requirements of – Fine to super fine counts in short staple and of High Speed spinning upto 25000 rpm. The X-Axis also offers specialised rings, custom made as per the requirement to suit the spinners‘ need. The X-Axis has introduced specialised range of Reduced, Enlarged and Increased type rings. Also introduced are special 40,42,45 mm dia profit making rings for value added yarns like Bamboo, Slub and various reverse Blends.

Ring Travellers

The X-Axis offers different models of Travellers viz XLRS, XLCS, Xendow RS, Xendow CS, Xgen CS and Xgen RS. The range is made to suit the requirements of Short Staple as well as Long Staple Spinning processes. The Travellers are supplied in user friendly Magazine Type packaging which includes the loading device and also in Loose type packaging.

Today The X-Axis is among the top brands in the world having wide global presence and acceptance. The X-Axis has varied product range to meet every kind of Ring Spinning requirement.

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