The X-Axis Specialised Rings : Ideal for profit making new generation yarn

Global fashion trends are changing fast and this has resulted in increased use of new generation fibres viz. Lycra, Modal Fibres and Bamboo Fibres. Demand of fast moving garments like Denims, Leggings, T-Shirts, Women Wear, Inner Wear, Jersey, Jacquard Fabrics, Socks, SportsWear is growing exponentially across brand and price segments. Many of these garments and merchandise use Lycra and Modal Fibres for its production. Bamboo fibers have found usage in medical applications such as bed spreads, Home Linen like curtains etc, personal merchandise like shoes, sportswear etc.

This new trend has resulted in global demand for good quality and well priced new generation fancy yarns. Mill Owners need high quality and consistent supply of yarn to support this growing demand. Spinning of new generation Yarn is a process that required special care and different approach than what the spinners are used to. This also creates need for special rings that support consistent prodcution of new generation yarns. Rimtex accepted this challenge and has come out successful, surmounting all the hurdles. A combination of expertise, including applied engineering skills, metallurgy know-how, knowledge of yarn spinning technology, etc., has enabled the company to manufacture a wide range of specialized rings which give scope to spin a wider range of yarns, especially new generation yarn, at an economical cost.

Some of the new generation yarns spun on the X-axis specialized rings include:

Lycra – end use – Denim Jeans, Leggings, T-shirts, ladies tops, inner wear, Jersey, jacquard fabrics, etc.

Modal fibers – end use – Leggings, T-shirts, ladies tops, inner wear, dress materials, etc.

Bamboo fibers – Medical applications such as bed spreads, as also household items like curtains, shoes, socks, sportswear, etc.

The X-Axis took the challenge of developing the most difficult range of rings i,e 40,42 and 45 mm dia specialised rings, and came out with flying colours. These Rings in combination with high quality Travellers that give best output, consistency and longevity, are of definite value to the spinner. Today many spinners across India have adapted to the new range of Specialised Rings & Travllers from The X-Axis. This is helping them in getting good quality,  consistent and imperfection free yarn, ideal for new generation yarns as well as various reverse blends.

The X-Axis is successfully changing the perspective of spinners towards selection of Spinning Rings & Travellers and leading them  to high value and high profit generating spinning production.