The X-Axis Special Sizes Rings : To Suit Every Spinners’ Need

The X-Axis is a specialised Spinning Ring and Ring Traveller manufacturing company based in Gujarat, India. Precision engineering and latest technologies are employed to produce the best quality Rings & Travellers that provide Better Output, Consistency and Longevity to the Yarn.

In this article we shall talk about the Special Sizes Rings manufactured by The X Axis. Not all spinners have same needs. Based on the available infrastructure spinner might need Rings as per custom  finish and size. Spinner can provide their requirements based upon which The X Axis will manufacture Spinning Rings to enhance their spinning process.

Spinning Rings

Under the special range, The X Axis manufactures Vertical Ring, Multigroove Ring and Rings having dia upto 150mm. These are extremely fine tuned and can resist wear and tear lending it a very long life. The X Axis fully tests these Rings in laboratory before putting them out in market. Spinners across India and world are realising the importance of Spinning Rings and are changing their attitude towards selection of the Spinning Ring; spinners are now much more cautious about selecting a Spinning Ring. This has resulted in acceptance of The X Axis among spinners across geographies and across fibre type.

So if you are a spinner looking for optimised production and quality enabling Spinning Rings, you should get in touch with now.