The X-Axis is among the world’s leading supplier of high quality spinning rings and ring travellers. Rings & Travellers are a crucial component in the spinning process. Any wrong calculation or selection can prove detrimental to the quality and cost of the yarn produced. Different fibres need different parameters of rings and travellers to ensure an optimum output.

The X-Axis has developed special rings & travellers for high value materials like Acrylic, Wool, Worsted and Semi-Worsted materials. These threaded rings are called Conical Rings and are ideal for spinning yarn for above mentioned materials. Standard Conical rings are available in different Ring heights like – 9.1 mm, 11.1mm and 17.4mm with various lubricating systems. The Ring can have several paris of lubrication points like 2×2,3×3 and 4×4 depending on the ring size and count spun. The Conical Ring gives excellent Ring and Traveller contact area and allows the Traveller to move freely up and down.

Similarly, The X-Axis has developed threaded Ring Travellers for Wool, Acrylic, Worsted and Semi-Worsted materials. A ‘J type’ traveller is developed based on international standards of finish and size. The Conical Rings and Travellers by The X-Axis perfectly complement each other and provides best results to the spinner by reducing Yarn breakages.

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