Importance of Ring and Traveller in Yarn Spinning

The X-Axis with its over 60 years of experience in spinning industry, has been continuously at the forefront of leading technologies that enhances the process of spinning across the globe. Spinners are now realising the importance of choosing the correct Rings and Travellers, as it has a strong bearing on end output. Here in this article we shall look into the functions of Ring and Traveller in Yarn Spinning.

  1. During the Spinning process the Ring Traveller perform three main task while is running on the profiled surface of the Ring :
  • To Provide Twist to the Yarn
  • To Wind the Yarn on the bobbin
  • To Provide Yarn Tension (Spinning Tension)
  1. Traveller compensates the variation that arise in the Torsional Force on the fibre strand due to alteration in ration of Delivery of Ring Frame to the Spindle Speed.
  2. To provide withstanding capacity against the strain generated when the profiled surface of Steel Ring faces extraordinary pressure by the Traveller in motion.
  3. To limit the heat generation that arise due to friction between Ring and Traveller.

To achieve optimum results for above functions the quality of Ring and Traveller is of utmost importance. The variables that affect the most is Surface Roughness of Ring, Metallurgy, Ring Diameter etc.

The-X Axis is known to produce the best quality of Spinning Rings and Travellers that provides better output and consistency in quality of Yarn as well as optimum performance and longevity of the machine.

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