At India ITME 2022, The X-Axis unveiled the concept of combination spinning

The combination of Xtensa Rings and Xgen Travellers is outstanding, providing spinners worldwide with low friction coefficient and improved yarn quality. It is a new approach to optimise yarn value for spinners through precision engineering.

The X-Axis, specializing in spinning technology, introduced the concept of combination spinning at India ITME 2022. The company showcased the Xtensa Rings and Xgen Travellers, a combination that provides spinners with low friction coefficient and improved yarn quality. The X-Axis emphasized the importance of looking at spinning rings and ring travellers as a combination product, rather than in isolation.


The company demonstrated the benefits of optimum contact area, yarn clearance, and crown area, as well as how to achieve the optimum contact area between spinning ring and ring traveller. They also presented the advantages of perfect matching of spinning ring and ring traveller, and the ways of optimizing traveller profile according to material for perfect matching. The X-Axis’ innovative approach of “Less is More” emphasizes the importance of less friction coefficient, which enables spinners to achieve optimized yarn value and increased profits.

The distinguished combination of Xtensa Rings and Xgen Travellers offers less end-breakages, lower imperfections, low yarn hairiness, less twist variation, less heat generation, and less wear & tear. At the output level, the X-Combo provides more yarn output, higher yarn value, more consistency, increased traveller life, and more stability. The company has a long-standing history of domain knowledge in yarn spinning and has been a leader across categories of spinning for six decades. Their combination spinning technology is the result of extensive research and development.

At India ITME 2022, the company shared data and evidence from spinning mills around the world, showcasing the impact of The X-Axis combination spinning. The concept caught the attention of visitors and the company is confident of a wider application of its products across India and beyond.